Ginger – for common problems

Ginger – for common problems
Ginger is a common house hold herb in India. In India and China it is used as a spice in all types of vegetable preparations. Adrak ka aachar is a popular condiment in Asian countries.Other uses of ginger are in bakery items such as biscuits, cakes and puddings as well as in soups. Ginger bread is popular in western countries. Oil of ginger is used to make flavouring essence and in perfumery.
Contents of Ginger

Ginger contains Phosporus, Calcium, Iron, Carotene, Thiamine, Riboflamin, Niacin, Vitamine C.

100 grm. of ginger contains moisture: 80.9 % , protiens: 2.3 %, carbohydrates: 12.3 %. Its caloric value is 67.

Therapeutic uses of ginger

  • As a soothing drink.
    This can be made by boiling a small amount of crushed ginger in a cup of water. Add a teaspoon of honey and a little fresh lemon juice. This makes a soothing drink and can serve as a substitute for bed tea.
  • For Aches and Pains
    Ginger acts as an excellent pain killer. For headaches – a ginger ointment made by crushing dry ginger on a grinding stone or otherwise, can be applied on the forehead. A few drops of ginger juice put in the ears relieves ear ache. Also if rubbed on the gums relieves toothache.
  • For Cold & Cough
    Small amount (appx. 10 grm.) of ginger crushed or cut to small pieces to be boiled in a cup of water, sugar added to taste, can be had for cough and cold.
    Ginger Tea – can be made by adding small amount of ginger in boiled water before adding tea leaves.
    Ginger mixed with honey taken three times a day is a good remedy for cough.
  • For Diarrhoea
    Dry ginger with crystals of rock salt to be powdered and taken with small piece of jaggery.
  • For Indigestion
    Chewing a piece of ginger regularly after meals helps relieve dyspepsia.
    Ginger juice + fresh lime + mint juice + honey helps gastrointestinal problems and piles.
  • For Irregular painful menstruation
    Pieces of ginger boiled in water + small amount of sugar, taken three times a day is helpful.
  • For Bronchitis
    Ginger powder + pepper + cloves + honey