Garlic                 Allium sativum
Garlic is widely used around the world for its pungent flavour and as a seasoning or condiment. Garlic may be applied to breads to create a variety of classic dishes. Garlic is used world over to make a wide variety of dishes.
  • Studies report that garlic consumption may decrease the progression of cardiovascular disease. It may also reduce Blood Pressure.
  • In a study it was found that garlic helps prevent and treat the common cold.
  • Garlic may strengthen the immune system, helping the body fight diseases such as cancer. Particularly colon and stomach cancers and also breast, prostate, and laryngeal (throat) cancers.
  • Antiparasitic properties.
  • Fresh garlic contains allicin, which is reported to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.
  • Garlic consumption may kill bacteria known to cause ulcers H. Pylori.
The chemicals that contribute to the pungent flavour of garlic also contribute to help block cancer by preventing the formation of some carcinogens that damage DNA. Garlic may also help to stimulate the production of immune-system chemicals interleujin-2, tumour necrosis factor and interferon gamma-the same substances that are used by doctors in some cancers therapies that are based on manipulation of immune system.Fresh garlic juice can kill various microorganisms. Some studies have suggested that eating lots of chopped garlic may lower the risk of colon and stomach cancer by up to 35-50 %. The garlic is said to contain compounds that stop the growth of ulcer causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria. which is identified as a strong risk factor for gastric ulcer.

How much to eat?

5-18 gms – about 2-6 cloves a week. Better to have raw or lightly cooked garlic.


Garlic effect


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