Hognose Snake

 Hognose Snake                                                     Family Colubridae

 It is a harmless snake found in North American. It is named for their upturned snouts used for digging. Also known as the puff adder, the hissing adder, and the spreading adder.There are two species commonly found – eastern hognose and western hognose.

 Western Hognose Snake

The hognose is widely feared because, when disturbed, it assumes a menacing position, flattens its head, expands its neck, opens its mouth, and hisses wildly. If these aggressive tactics fail to frighten the intruder, however, the snake falls to the ground and plays dead. Hognose snakes have short, thick, usually black bodies, occasionally with white circular markings down either side of their backs. Their size is on average 2 ft. in length.



 Eastern Hognose 

Snake Bite


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