Boa Snake

Boa Snake Boa is a common name for non poisonous snake of boa and python family. Boa and python family contains some 70 species. Like pythons boa too kill their prey by constricting them to death and then swallowing it whole. They can stretch their jaws wide appart more than the size of their head to swallow a large animal. While a large boa might easily kill an average-size person, it would have difficulty swallowing the body, and is generally not considered a threat to humans.
Tree boas are brightly colored tree boa, live in trees. With their triangular heads, elliptical eye pupils, and long, curved front teeth, they resemble the venomous vipers.
Boas give birth to their young, while pythons lay eggs; pythons are confined mostly to the Old World, whereas boas are found worldwide.

In the jungles of Central and South America boa constrictor is a reddish-gray, with a ladder of broad, dark stripes.

 Constrictor Boa Snake

Rubber boa, found throughout the southwestern U.S. The rubber boa, whose shiny brown skin actually resembles rubber, is a burrowing animal. With its blunt head and tail, it is sometimes called a two-headed snake.

 Constrictor Boa Snake

Snake Bite


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