Triphala is household name in the Indian subcontinent. Triphala Churan is a powder of the dried fruits of three herbs without their seeds.Triphala is a combination of three important herbal fruits: –

  • Amla – emblica officinalis
  • Harad – terminalia chebula
  • Baheda – terminalia bellirica




Amla – is the richest source of Vitamin C. It also contains tannic acid, glucose, protein, cellulose and calcium. Amla is useful for stomach problems, it is antipyretic, hair tonic and nerve brain tonic. Its also useful in anaemia, hyperacidity and in gynecological problems and epistaxis. Amla is considered to have restorative and preventive properties.Harad – Contains tannin up to 30%, chebulininc acid and Vitamin B complex. It has carminative properties. It has anti worm effect and protective effect on the lungs.  It is considered beneficial for Asthma, Piles, constipation and sinus allergies.

Baheda – Is rich in Vitamin A. It has astringent, digestive, laxative, anti- helmentic and expectorant properties.

Triphala is an important combination of medicine and is used extensively in Ayurvedic system of medicine. It is used as medicine as well as rejuvenating agent. It is said to remove toxins and various other undesirable accumulations from the body.

It is said to improve digestion and assimilation and act as antioxidant. It is also beneficial in chronic lung diseases, skin diseases, eye disorders and conditions with raised cholesterol levels.

Triphala can be taken with honey or with milk at bed time. Average daily dose is 2-5 gms.


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