How to keep snakes out of my yard?

How to keep snakes out of my yard?

Every animal needs a particular environment best suited to its living conditions. Some environment conditions close to human dwellings are also liked by snakes and other pests. Many a times our love of nature has created environments they need. Small ponds, gardens and bird feeders are typical manmade environments which provide shelter, water and food to snakes.
Snakes exist in big part of this earth. If left alone, they prefer not to conflict with man. But we continue to invade their domain. This displacement leads to confrontation. Snakes are drawn to our yards, homes and buildings because we unintentionally create environments they like. Most snakes encountered are non-poisonous. People tend to believe any snake they see is venomous when in fact the opposite is probably true.The most common snakes eat small rodents such as rats or mice. So, definitely snakes would like to dwell in such places where they have abundant food available. You may find snake nests where there is such food. This may be in a crawl space, an attic or around water. Bird feeders attract rodents which will definitely attract snakes. If these rodents have invaded your attic, the snakes will soon follow. Closely inspect all creeks around your property. These are likely feeding areas for a variety of water snakes living on frogs and small fish. These frogs are food for many types of snakes. If you have frogs around your pool then snakes will come to take advantage of this food supply.Thus implementing a good rodent control program will cause any snakes to relocate to other place.
If there is some type of wood pile, rock pile or general debris which is serving as a nest, remove it.
If there are too many snakes or if conditions are such that you expect to have some coming in from time to time, you may have to set up some type of snake control program. There is no spray for snakes. There is a repellent, however, called Snake Away which is suppose to keep snakes away from designated areas. This material is simply sprinkled onto grass and acts as a fumigant. The odour repels snakes and may last for several months. It is safe around children and pets and is ideal for creating a barrier between suspected snake nests and play areas in the yard. There are also Snake Traps available if you need to trap them.Dogs and cats are naturally well suited to dealing with snakes. The mere presence of a dog or cat in the yard, and their associated odors, will often discourage a snake from venturing into your pet’s “territory” Snakes see the household pet as a predator and will prefer to avoid them if possible.

Chemicals such as garden variety powdered sulfur also can be used as snake repellent. Also, any noxious smelling substance like naphthalene mothballs will discourage any ground crawling animals, including snakes, from the treated area.

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