Vaginal Spermicide

Vaginal Spermicide
This type of contraceptive contains chemicals that kill the sperms. Whenever the spermicide isintroducedinto vagina, it kills and immobilizes the sperms. Example of spermicide is Delfen Cream. It is a white cream with 5% nonoxynol 9 as spermicide. A plastic applicator with piston is used which is screwed to the mouth of the cream tube. The cream tube is pressed to fill up to the mark of 2.5 ml. The women lies on her back with knees pulled up, separates her labia minora by left thumb and index finger and pushes the cream filled applicator inside vagina as high up as possible. The cream is delivered by pressing on the piston. The cream is introduced 3 minutes before coitus.

Pregnancy failure per 100 women year is  15

Side effects: A few can have vaginal and penile allergy.

Vaginal Contraceptive Pessary

This is about 1 inch long flat tablet containing nonoxynol 9 as spermicide. Within 5 minutes of its introduction it dissolves and micro foam is produced to cover cervix and upper vagina.


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