Contraception is a practice to prevent pregnancy. Modern men & women have various options to prevent unwanted pregnancies and plan their family as per their desire. This has given them lot of control over their life and they are able to look after their off springs in much a better way. Contraceptives are the tools for this purpose of planning family. There are various ways by which both men and women can prevent pregnancy and continue to have sexual relation.

Some important methods of Contraception

TubectomyIt is a permanent surgical method of contraception in case of females. Both the fallopian tubes are ligated.
VasectomyIt is a permanent surgical contraception in males.
CondomIt is a male rubber cap or covering that completely covers the erected penis during intercourse and prevents the ejaculation into vagina. Pregnancy failure may occur due to leakage or rupture.
Intrauterine Contraceptive Device
Emergency Contraception

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