Vasectomy is a contraceptive procedure for men. It is a permanent surgical method to make a man incapable to reproduction. It is not castration procedure, and does not affect the testes, and it does not affect sexual ability of the man. He continues to remains a sexually capable and active person after the procedure. It does not in any way affect his sexual function except that he would not be capable to make another female pregnant. A man who decides that he no longer need to have another child may go in for this procedure. It is a small surgical procedure and can be done in an outpatient setup with proper infection prevention taken.The doctor makes a small opening in the man’s scrotum, that holds his testicles and closes off both tubes Vas deferens that carry sperm from his testicles. This keeps the sperm out of his semen. The man can have erections and ejaculate semen, while his sperm no longer makes a woman pregnant. His ejaculate does not contain his sperms.It is a permanent procedure. It is advisable that the man should take some additional precaution while having intercourse during the first month after the procedure or say, for 20 ejaculations he should take additional measure of contraception.

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