Nearly 7,500 varieties of Apple are grown all over the world. The apple is a native of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and has been cultivated from pre-historic times.The apple is a highly nutritive food. It contains minerals and vitamins in abundance.

Food Value Minerals and Vitamins
Moisture 84.6% Calcium 10 mg
Protein 0.2% Phosphorus 14 mg
Fat 0.5% Iron 1 mg
Minerals 0.3% Vitamin A 40 IU**
Fibre 1.0% Small amounts of Vitamin E,  and B Complex
Carbohydrates 13.4%
Calorific Value – 59
*Values per 100 gms edible portion **International Unit
  • The skin of apple should not be discarded when taking it in raw form as the skin and the flesh just below it contain more vitamin C than the inner flesh. The vitamin content decreases gradually towards the centre of the fruit. The skin also contains five times more vitamin A than the flesh.
  • Apple contains Pectin and Malic acid.
  • Iron contained in the apple helps in formation of blood.
  • Raw apples are good for constipation.
  • Cooked or baked apples are good for diarrhoea.
  • Apples have been found useful in acute and chronic dysentery among children. Ripe and sweet apples should be crushed into pulp and given to the child several times a day.
  • Apples are of special value to heart patients. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. It is also useful for patients of high blood pressure.
  • Apple is also said to be beneficial to gout patients caused by increase of uric acid in blood.
  • Apples, boiled to a jelly, make a very good liniment for rheumatic pains. They should be rubbed freely on the affected area.
  • Sweet apples are valuable in dry hacking cough.
  • Apples are useful in kidney stones.
  • The apple peel water is an excellent medicine for the inflamed eyes as an eye wash. The over-ripe apples are useful as a poultice for sore eyes. The pulp is applied over the closed eyes.
  • Tooth-decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples as they possess a mouth cleansing property.
  • The apple is the best fruit to tone up a weak and run-down patient.  It removes deficiencies of vital organs and makes the body stout and strong. It tones up the body and the brain as it contains more phosphorus and iron than any other fruit or vegetable. Its regular consumption with milk promotes health and youthfulness and helps build healthy and bright skin.