Some Easy ways to keep you in shape

Some Easy ways to keep you in shape

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevators. Climb a little faster.
  • Park your car few blacks farther away. Walk this extra distance to work, to friend’s home or when on shopping.
  • Take a walk before lunch.
  • Avoid meeting friends on lunch or coffee. Instead have dates to take a walk or go dancing.
  • Take your dog for a walk. If you don’t have one, consider getting one.
  • Do not sit at a place for long hours. Break between prolong hours of work or while seeing TV. Walk to neighbour’s house or to co-worker’s desks. While talking on the phone for long period  try not to sit, pace around. It’s good to have a cordless phone and keep moving around while talking.
  • If you have to stand at a spot, you may exercise leg muscles by marching or rise to tip toes.
  • Wash and iron your clothes.
  • Mow the lawn. If you have power mover change it for a push model.
  • Gardening is a very good exercise. Digging, weeding, raking, cutting and hauling all build stamina..
  • Roller skating, jump rope are very good exercise. Swim or a bike ride or a row boat outing on a lake.
Calories Burned in Daily Activity Per Hour

  • Sitting, watching TV – 100
  • Standing – 140
  • Making Beds – 135
  • Housework – 150-250
  • Strolling – 210
  • Raking Leaves- 220
  • Lawn mowing – 250-400
  • Gardening – 300-450