Vaginal Diaphragm

Vaginal Diaphragm
This is a female contraceptive cap worn by women in her vagina during coitus.
It acts as a mechanical barrier. It was first introduced by Hasse from Germany in 1882.This is made of rubber dome with a base made of either flat or coiled steel spring. They are available invarious sizes from 50-100 mm diameters. Females who have not given birth to a baby need smaller size as compared to those who have produced children by vaginal route.  
When fitted inside it covers the cervix lying above the diaphragm while the ring comes in contact with the vaginal wall all round.The diaphragm is introduced before intercourse and is taken out at least 8 hours after the last intercourse. It is washed with cold water and soap and dried and left in the container for reuse. One diaphragm can be used for approx. 6 months.  

Pregnancy failure per 100 women year is  15