HIV in Females – its different!


 HIV in Females – its different!

It has been found that the markers ( Viral Load, T-cells ) doctors generally use to determine progression of HIV infection behave differently in women and people of color as compared to white men.

  • Viral load, a measurement of how many virus particles are in the blood stream, is lower in women than in men infected for the same amount of time.
  • It remains low in people of color longer than in whites, so women of color generally have the lowest viral loads of all.
  • T-cells, protective immune cells whose number declines over the course of HIV infection, start out at higher levels in healthy women, and decline more slowly in HIV-infected women than they do in men.

More research is needed to determine what these differences mean in practical terms in the treatment of women.

HIV & Hepatitis G


 HIV & Hepatitis G

Researchers have discovered that infection with an apparently harmless, newly recognized virus seems to interfere with HIV, slowing its progression and prolonging survival of AIDS patients. Virus called GBV-C or hepatitis G, inhibits HIV. Patients with both HIV and hepatitis G lived longer than those infected with HIV alone.