Fer-de-lance                                                                Bothrops atrox
The fer-de-lance is a common Central American snake. It belongs to viper family.It is one of the largest and deadliest of the poisonous snakes. It is a common central American snake and is also found in the south America and West Indies.  Fer-de-lance 
It has velvet type of scales and rich brown and gray colour. Its body is marked with irregular, dark crossbands. It has characteristic sharply triangular head. It has a yellow throat. It lives in both wet and dry places. This snake may grow to 8 feet in length.  It is the most dangerous and feared snake in Costa Rica.

A fer-de-lance snake strikes swiftly and is an aggressive snake. During the day the snake lies coiled, blending with its surroundings, but it is especially dangerous after sunset, when it wanders in search of prey.

 They feed on lizards, frogs, birds and small mammals. There may be more than 70 young in one brood. The baby snakes have fully formed fangs and can give poisonous bite.  Fer-de-lance 

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