Copperhead snake

Copperhead snake

It is characterized by the rich copper colour with wide alternating bands that extend completely around even the underside. They can be expected to be seen in gardens, flower beds, and around houses.

Venom is Haemotoxic

Due to their usual small size, the copperhead’s bite is rarely fatal. Most adults of this type range in size from about 18 to 26 inches in length. It is a dangerous snake whose venom attacks the blood, but it is less aggressive, with shorter fangs and less potent venom.

When approached, they will either move away quietly or lay motionless, relying on camouflage to protect them. Occasionally, they will vibrate their tails. Bites usually occur when people unknowingly step on or touch unseen snakes.

It is found in hilly country from Massachusetts to northern Florida and westward to Illinois and Texas.

Broad triangular head, vertically elliptical pupils and a heat sensitive pit between each eye and nostril.

Mating takes place in spring and fall and females give birth to 4-8 young in August and September. Adult females usually give birth every two years.


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