Warning About Body Building Supplement

Warning About Body Building Supplement

California health officials are warning consumers to avoid a group of dietary supplements used by body builders because of the danger of sickness or even death.

The officials say a product containing 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BD) caused three body builders in Riverside County to be hospitalized with acute respiratory failure and delirium.

Products containing 1,4-BD, also known as 1,4 tetramethylene glycol, 1,4 butylene glycol, butane 1,4 diol or Sucol-B, are sold under a variety of names including enLiven, Zen, Serenity, Somato-Pro, Orange FX Rush, Lemon FX Drop, Cherry FX Bomb, Borametz, Pine Needle Extract, Promusol or BVM.

The products can be in liquid, powder, capsule or other forms and claim to build muscles, improve physical performance and enhance sex. But, there can be serious side effects including headaches, vomiting, slow heart rate, slow breathing and seizures.

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Warning About Body Building Supplement