Addar Snakes

Addar Snakes                                                                   Family Colubridae

Adder is a common name for a snake of the viper family. There are many types of snakes also reffered as adders.

The range of this snake extends east to the Pacific Ocean and North to the Arctic Circle, the farthest north of any venomous snake. Its less than 2 ft. in length. 

Its color varies from gray, green, or brown to velvety black. A regular series of zigzag black marks may be seen on the back.

The common addar or common European viper, is a poisonous snake like all other vipers. Its bite is rarely fatal and this snake is less aggressive. It is the only poisonous snake found in Great Britain.

 Common Adder or European viper

Puff addar – Is a large snake in Africa and belongs to the viper family.

 Puff Addar

Death adder – is actually a member of the cobra family. It is found in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands. It has the most dangerous bite of any snake of this region. Its long fangs inject a large dose of a powerful poison a neurotoxic poison.

 Northern Death Adder

 Hognose snakes, also called puff adders, spreading adders, or hissing adders, rarely even bite; these snakes puff up and hiss wildly when disturbed.  Western Hognose Snake

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