More Japanese Celebrating 100

More Japanese Celebrating 100

Average life expectancy in Japan is 84 years for women and 77 years for men,¬†according to the Health Ministry’s National Institute of Population and Social Security. That makes the Japanese the longest-living society in the world.The average American woman lives to 79; the average man lives to 73.Factors that are important in Japanese culture which may be important in this aspect are:

  • Japanese diet, which is rich in vegetables and seafood, helps Japanese
    live to see 100.
  • They eat less fatty food.
  • Also, the fact that Japanese culture emphasizes social harmony and not confrontation helps too.
  • And, often elderly Japanese live with families and are not excluded
    from family and social life as they get older. They’re still part of the family group. Recent research has shown elderly people with strong social connections live healthier lives.
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