Eat and Cook Healthy

Eat and Cook Healthy

To lead a healthy and fit life we need to eat and cook healthy. Here are few tips which may be of help in keeping you fit and eat healthy food.

  • Substitute whole milk with skimmed milk.

  • Make curd and paneer (cheese) from skimmed milk.

  • Instead of frying prefer baking, grilling, roasting and steaming of food.

  • Use brown ( unpolished ) rice

  • Use whole wheat flour with bran.

  • Use non sticking pans to reduce the use of oil.

  • Oil or fat that has been used for repeated number of times as a cooking medium for frying should be avioded. Oil used for deep frying a number of times becomes toxic and is unhealthy.

  • Use less salt and sugar. You can gradually develop a taste of taking less amount of sugar with tea and coffee. Low sodium salt is also available which can be used instead of regular salt.

  • Avoid using soda bicarb in your cooking to prevent loss of vitamin A.

  • Use plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try taking 4-5 types of vegetablles and fruits daily.

  • Adding soya products to your daily diet would be of immense benifit, even if it is of small quantity.

  • Above all do not put yourself on diet.

    Food that help reduceĀ Fat

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